Mission Statement

When it comes to running our business, you might say we have an iron will. Quality control, competitive prices and prompt deliveries are not just goals; they are everyday realities. Necessary steps, such as rigorous testing, are taken daily to ensure that solid products meet our customers' needs. Behind all of the testing and routine processing stands a work force second to none. Our employees share our work ethic and have years of experience in the field.

Through the years, we have found that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone to building ironclad business relationships. Nurturing one-on-one relationships with our clients by personally reviewing all incoming orders builds confidence and loyalty. This explains why most of our customers have been with us for over 35 years.

Industries Served

What We Offer...


At Tommie Corporation, we manufacture ductile iron castings which are utilized in many different forms: farm implement, trucking, piping, valves, tools, constructions, and more. The manufacturing process takes place in two-on-site plants which slightly differ due to plant equipment.



Our History

Founded in 1975

historyA family owned business founded by the late Manly Tommie, Tommie Corporation first opened its doors in Thorsby, Alabama in 1975. Over the years, as we have grown, one building soon led to the need for another.

Now our facility encompasses over 67,000 square feet. We are located in a community that continues to support our growth.